Meet the PMI People & Teams

HK Lim

Executive Director

Mr. Lim Heng Kam joined Press Metal in 2003 and was promoted as the Manufacturing Director of Press Metal International Ltd("PMI'') in 2006. Mr. Lim was appointed as the Executive Director of PMI in 2012.
Master degree in Manufacturing System Engineering from Warwick University, with more than 20 years experience in aluminium extrusion industry.

MP Lim

Deputy General Manager

Joined PMI in year 2011, to assist the general manager in company operation

Gz Guo

Production Manager

Joined PMI in year 2006, Registered Senior Production manager in production line area. 34 years production management experience on large state-owned and private enterprises.

Mike Johnson

Techinical Manager

Joined PMI March 2016, supporting PMI in Manufacturing Excellence of extruded produces, 40 years experience working in the aluminium industry in many countries in many levels of management, experienced in all aspects of extrusion, finishing and die technology.
Studied at University of Wales: Law of Probability and Statistical Process Control

JL Zhang

Finance Manager

Joined PMI in year 2007, Certified Accountant, Senior Auditor, 35 years experience in finance and national audit in foreign-capital enterprise.

Ada Luo

PA to General Manager

Joined PMI in year 2008, Bachelor degree and engaging in advanced studies on marketing, now as PA to General Manager.

Phaymay (May) Tan

Export Customer Service Manager

Joined PMI in year 2008, Bachelor degree of Commerce (MIS and Management) in Deakin University. , now as Customer Service Manager for overseas market in export sales department.

Hai Juan (Linda) Zhu

Export Sales Manager

Joined PMI in year 2006, Bachelor degree, now as Sales Manager for the export sales department.

PMI Office Staff

(from left to right)

Amy Wen -- Customer Service -- checking with order progress and make sure delivery on time, also replying progress emails to customer.
Daisy Tan -- Customer Service -- Key in POP on sage and container booking and mill cert checking
Annie Zeng -- Shipping clerk -- arrange trailers and containers and airfreight with agent
Suli Luo -- All shipping document, calculation and packing list.
Chloe Zheng -- MOW updated and shipping document and invoice
Pauline He -- Key in Sap order and cut new die and prepare new samples for customer approval
Mango Li -- Customer Service -- dealing with new drawings and quotaions everyday, customer reception also.

PMI International Sales

PMI Domestic Sales

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PMI Quality Team


PMI Laboratory

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