Corporate Social Responsibility

At Press Metal, the sense of duty to give back to society has always been a conscientious commitment we have kept close to our hearts. We firmly believe that it was this principle that has helped us grow from a single press producer into a leading integrated aluminium corporation in Asia. We are always mindful of our responsibilities towards our employees, our stakeholders, and our community, as well as the environment, as we ensure sustainable growth in tandem with our corporate values and society’s wellbeing.


As a global company built on local relationships, we believe that being a responsible corporate citizen is essential to the vitality of our communities. We encourage volunteer activities and actively create opportunities for interaction with the local communities, emphasising on continuity to establish our roots with them.

Press Metal has been supporting and will continue to contribute to a broad array of charities, with a primary focus directed at aiding the underprivileged. Besides regular donations, we also encourage our employees to pay visits together with their own families to aged persons homes, orphanages, and local communities, to promote better kinship and social awareness.

By strongly supporting our employees’ involvement in the community, we aim to inculcate essential values in them. Hence, we will continue to actively pursue more activities that will match the sentiments of our local communities – because they are our strong foundation that will help propel mutual growth and success.


At Press Metal, our employees are our vital assets. We believe in nurturing the personal growth of our employees, as they are the wheels that drive Press Metal. In keeping with good employment practices, we strive to create a stable and healthy working environment that promotes mutual respect, productivity, and diversity. By regularly conducting high-performance trainings for our employees, we ensure that they maximise their potential and deliver exceptional value to our customers. We have also designed various teambuilding activities and awards for our employees to foster their relationships and to boost their morale.

Press Metal also emphasises maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for our employees. Having successfully secured the OHSAS 18001 award for our occupational safety and health management system in 2001, our extrusion plant in Foshan, China, has also successfully passed the similar authentication. We also conduct frequent occupational and safety awareness programmes to educate, create awareness, and continuously improve on equipment safety measures.


Through the years, Press Metal has built a deserved reputation as a manufacturer of quality products. Not only were we the first aluminium extruder in Malaysia to be awarded the internationally recognized ISO 9001 certification in 1993, both our extrusion plants in Foshan and Hubei, China, as well as Samalaju and Mukah, Sarawak, have also been similarly accredited with ISO 9001.

Quality has always been the main emphasis in all our production and management systems. Stringent control systems are in place at every level, from the initial raw material stage to the final stage before the products are delivered – such is our commitment to providing only the best to our customers.


It is our aim to maintain harmony with nature. We constantly monitor the environmental impact of every facet of our operations and apply cost-efficient means to reduce our use of natural resources.

In 1998, Press Metal was awarded with the ISO 14001 certification for our environmental management system, which has also been awarded to our operations in Foshan, China. On top of that, Press Metal was also the first company in Malaysia to acquire the Swedish technology of using aluminium sludge (S204), a scheduled waste from anodizing and wastewater treatment plants, for the manufacturing of Polyaluminium Chloride (PAC), a water treatment chemical. We also operate a common waste water treatment plant that provides treatment for a wide range of electroplating waste at a lower cost.

Today, our campaign continues. While the path to eco-preservation may be long and arduous, we will remain steadfast in our commitment to Mother Nature – simply because we believe a greener future is possible.